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  • Chris Farlie

Vic Allen - Suitcase ( Acoustic )

About a year ago #TEAMw21 reviewed the original single of "Suitcase" - we called it quite possibly her best single to date and suggested that she had enough material to release a "Best Of". Soon after, an album collecting together some new tunes and a selection of some of Vic's finest moments appeared as "Some Place I'd Rather Be" - it came with a memorable launch show at The Water Rats with Vic playing with a full band and also making her live debut on piano.

Before moving on to her next project, she has released one last link to "Some Place I'd Rather Be" with a new acoustic version of "Suitcase" using just a guitar, a piano and Vic's vocals. Don't go mistaking acoustic for some sort of demo though - this is polished and highlights all that is marvelous about the original song. in a wonderful stripped back version.

"Suitcase" starts with an acoustic guitar repeating an insistent hypnotic guitar phrase while Vic is thinking of being elsewhere. It's a little slower than the original single, somehow more refined more intense.

"If I let my eyes lose focus

I can pretend this ain't my town

Dirty windows, rushing past the grey sky

I'll turn it into New York City crowds

Wish that I was there right now"

As the song develops, a piano adds to the overall sound palette, but that is it. It's a much more prominent piano than the single version which gives it that added touch of gravitas

Travel is everything to Vic, her past present and future all rolled into one

"Sometimes I catch myself thinking about a place I left behind"

The simple joys to be had from the wonder of travel, place, people experiences that free us from the hum drum day to day existence, that can be recalled and relived.

"A perfect golden time - replaying in my mind"

The chorus when it arrives is Vic vocally at her most confident the passion in what she is singing really coming through

"Wish I could be anywhere, anywhere but here

I'd be just fine if I could just disappear

I'm restless when my worlds stuck in the same place

I think my heart lives in a suitcase"

The second verse ramps up the joy Vic can feel at looking back in time via a postcard yet also the frustration at not being able to get out and travel.

"Somedays I could jump into a postcard -

To feel the sun upon my skin

Life is beautiful - if you can see it all

But I feel like mine's waiting to begin"

Little flourishes of piano separate the final choruses as well as Vic plaintively repeating

"I'm waiting to begin"

It is simply magnificent and a fine companion piece to the "Some Place I'd Rather Be" project.

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