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  • Chris Farlie

The Rising - Just Another Name

Round 2 for The Rising's ambitious plan to release 1 track per month for 12 months. After starting with a Girls Aloud cover, the second release is a revisit to one of the songs from their "Moving On" album, in the shape of "Just Another Name".

The original "JJJJust another" vocal refrain has been wiped and Chris Logan's, Edge style "Where The Streets Have No Name" guitar is now more prominent. It also sounds as if Chantelle McAteers vocal may well also have been rerecorded, it certainly sounds more confident and self assured.

The results are a little rockier and therefore the guitar solo about 2 minutes in, sits just that little bit better. Lyrically it is a pointed message to a non believer, "Someday when my names in lights, you'll look back and see what you missed". The overall effect is punchier and justifies the trip to revisit an old track, however to give the project some real oomph i'd expect month 3 to deliver a brand new track that signposts in which direction The Rising will be heading.

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