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  • Chris Farlie

The Rising - I Want You

From the very opening of the new Rising single there are signs it is just a little bit different from their previous fare, if only for the early inclusion of a trumpet on the intro. The intro is in fact a full on banjo, guitar extravaganza the trumpet merely adds to their overall sound in something of a heavily hook laden start.

Chantelle's opening lines of "I want to ride shotgun in your brand new car, I want a first class seat on the flight to your heart" all sound quite innocent until you reach the chorus and find that the object of her affections is already quite happy with someone else.

By the time that the chorus ends and it is announced "I can tell that she ain't good enough for you" the words are at a slightly disturbing tangent to the cheerful bouncy tune.

At best it is a tale of lusty infatuation, at worst it's a touch psychotic but with that relentlessly summery tune, the true nature of the song may pass people by, making this possibly their most subtly subversive release yet.

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