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  • Chris Farlie

The Adelaides - Seven Billion

The Adelaides are back with a bang with one of the hardest tricks to pull off - a polished production that has resulted in one of the best pieces of country pop music of 2020 at the same time married to a serious message, all delivered with a joyful exuberance.

The songs deals with negativity and there are a number of lines at the start of the song that will resonate with listeners out there, and may just bring a little comfort to them to know that they are not alone

"You're dressing like a model you should be a little modest", "Why don't you laugh a little? a smile ain't gonna kill you" and similar put downs that eat away at someones self confidence.

With the second verse the message turns to reminding those put down of their own individualism and right to choose "I make my own money", and lets the negativity spreaders know in a smart but sassy way "You're going home alone"

It all comes with a joyful life affirming chorus of support to everyone who is feeling affected, "You don't like what you see, the chance that it gets to me is one in 7 billion". Musically it could not be more addictive and ticks just about every box on the perfect pop single checklist. behind the occasional electronica squeaks the sound of a band playing, feels real, just listen to the drums and piano which give the song its platform.

If pressed to name the next Americana artist to follow Ward Thomas and The Shires into the mainstream public conscience, it might not have been The Adelaides however with this single they may well jump the queue.

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