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  • Chris Farlie

Texas Hill - Darkest Sky

Proving that you should never judge a book by it's cover #TEAMw21 present Texas Hill. Looking like they are about to lay down some heavy Brothers Osbourne style rocking they confound by delivering a sweet soulful acoustic sound. A combination of ex Voice and American Idol contestants who have pooled their individual assets together to make one collective band.

For a debut single they have decided to announce themselves in possibly the quietest way possible, with just a simple guitar and piano combination and just the strength of their vocals. yet it was this simplicity that called out to us above the oceans of click track singles that arrive each week.

Although not specifically written about the current pandemic it has a a number of lines that completely resonate with our situation and offer that welcome beacon of hope.

When they are singing lines like

When nothing but trouble lies on the horizon

It's gonna be a struggle there ain't no denying"


"Somethin' 'bout those hard times bring us all together

When it feels like a far cry from ever getting better"

there is an additional resonance that possibly wasn't intended at the time of recording - and what a recording it is. As ever with groups with three vocalists, individually they are great but when all three come together the song moves to another level entirely and the magic begins. Musically the background remains just the piano and acoustic guitar, never needing to build up in volume, just there to provide the perfect backing. That the song just ends with a gentle strum of the guitar is a masterstroke as if daring the audience to sit and ponder on what they've just heard.

A simply stunning debut release!!

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