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  • Chris Farlie

Stuart Landon Lonely

A stunning cover picture for a powerful song accompanies "Lonely" the new single from Stuart Landon and from the opening dramatic piano intro, the signs are already there that this is going to be something special

The song deals with the effects of suffering from cancer and the way that people have to live knowing that they are living with something that has the capability to end their life prematurely. This has been inspired by a journey that his Manager has been through with the disease and witnessing first hand the inner strength you have to find to remain positive.

Musically it is imagined on a grand scale with an impressive string section and a pedal steel sound that are used to build up the atmosphere along with that ever present ominous piano that plays through the track.

As Stuart is at pains to point out, this is no charity single and it is not looking for pity, it does seek to highlight the emotional havoc that it plays on the person affected. It's a delicate path to tread and the slightest misplaced word could have had a massive detrimental effect however Stuart has negotiated it in a frank and forthright manner and the result is all the more hard hitting for it. When he sings "I'm dying inside" we know exactly what he means.

The song concentrates on the internal fortitude required when you find yourself in "the hardest place to be" and that the positivity to get through has to come from within "I had to do it on my own and keep it to myself because nobody could help" and also on the perspectives one gains about their life, "would not have wasted any tears".

Stuart's vocals hit just the right tone as well, and have a feel of emotional honesty to them that makes the song an unqualified success.

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