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Sinead Burgess - Rolling Stones

Sinead Burgess has not had a release for nearly two and a half years, however ahead of her filling the support slot on the upcoming Kezia Gill UK Tour she has a brand spanking new single, "Rolling Stones". No stranger to UK country fans having previously toured with The Shires, this will act as reminder to those that have seen before and an invite for those that haven't!

"Rolling Stones" taps into that feeling that only music really has, to transport you back to a certain time in your life. It may be good or bad, happy or sad but hear a certain song and suddenly the memories and emotions of bygone times come flooding back.

Sinead's inspiration is The Rolling Stones and with the aid of co writer Brian Koppelman, they are able to evoke the feeling of Mick & Keith in both sound and words.

The opening few seconds with that lead guitar manage to sound like two or three Rolling Stones tunes simultaneously while at the same time sounding more alive than anything the band have released in the last forty years. It also announces that it is taking us back to a vibrant time in life and opens with Sinead in a reflective mood lyrically while vocally she is ready to rock

"I’ve been in love 2 times since,

Heard you got married and I’m so glad you did.

Guess we grew up from the kids we used to be,

I still see the moment you made a woman out of me."

Later verses slide in some Stones references into the lyrics and there's a nice distinction made between The Stones and fans of the more ponderous Led Zeppelin.

"You tried to start me up but I was already revving,

First boy who didn’t play me stairway to heaven.

Yeah I’m kind of sorry that I couldn’t stay,

Guess those wild horses could drag me away.

With hand clapping, a harmonica and harmonies from backing singers alongside some solid drumming this has all the elements of a Rolling Stones record without veering into being a pastiche - it has a good time party feeling stamped all over it.



Sinead Burgess, the Australian powerhouse based in Nashville, is an extraordinary singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who leaves an indelible mark on the heart with her remarkable talent.

Her melodies unleash a storm of emotions, ranging from profound introspection to breathtaking passion. Fearlessly merging genres like country, Americana, and singer-songwriter styles, Burgess creates a captivating fusion that embodies the energetic spirit of rock, reminiscent of artists like Brandi Carlile and Sheryl Crow, coupled with the guttural, heart-wrenching tones of Foy Vance and Lewis Capaldi.

With chart-topping releases, prestigious award nominations, and a highly anticipated sophomore album born from a transformative collaboration with scriptwriter Brian Koppelman, she is poised to ascend to greater heights. No stranger to the UK, she toured with The Shires during their "Accidentally On Purpose" tour and legendary artist Paul Young on his 'No Parlez' tour the following year, with 2023 marking her eagerly awaited first return across the pond since the pandemic.

Sinead Burgess is not just a remarkable musician; she is a genuine force, inviting listeners into her enthralling world and evoking profound emotions with every mesmerizing note.


Following her Special Guest slot on Kezia Gill's tour this October, Sinead will step out on stage for her first ever UK headline show at The Slaughtered Lamb, which is known for its Americana and Roots music atmosphere and is the perfect way to end her time in the UK. This highly anticipated show gives fans a chance to see Sinead up close and personal, an opportunity that is not to be missed.

Fans who appreciate acoustic music will enjoy the intimate sound of this historic venue, known for showcasing artists on the rise. The event will be hosted by Jess T from Country Radio UK, who will interview Sinead on stage, giving the audience a glimpse into the life of the woman behind the guitar before a stunning acoustic show, featuring fan favourites from her incredible back catalog, her latest single "Rolling Stones," as well as some exclusive new music that has yet to be released or performed in the UK!

Sinead will soon be announcing a special guest who will kick-off the evening in style, and ticket holders will also be gifted an exclusive Sinead Burgess goodie bag. Be quick to grab tickets for this very special event as seats are limited.


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