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  • Chris Farlie

Sarah Darling - You're Still The One

The Campfire Sessions continue to deliver on a regular basis and the latest one is no exception as Sarah performs her take on the Shania Twain classic.

We'd imagine that this is both a song that was an inspiration and influence but also one that sums up where she is in life currently "still together still going strong".

Sarah's versions strips away the slightly clunky spoken opening of Shania's version and with a simple acoustic guitar is able to produce an even more heartfelt rendition.

With little else required other than some angelic backing vocals on the chorus, and the barest of supporting instrumentation this really distills the song down into its purest format and continues to build the Campfire Sessions into something of an essential collection.

Great news for Sarah Fans in that she'll be back in 2021 for The Long Road Festival

Can't wait until then -

May 10th - Campfire Sessions - FB Live 6:00PM CST / 00:00 GMT

If that's a little late - why not join her for one of her other passions May 14th - Baking with Sarah - FB Live 4:00PM CST / 22:00 GMT  

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