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  • Chris Farlie

Reya Jayne - Homeless

It's always welcome to see a debut single from someone unknown to the team, that brings something new to the party and that is certainly true of the "Homeless", the first single from Reya Jayne. The style, the lyrical content and the singing performance are all just a little bit higher than you might expect for a first outing.

Based in both Sheffield and London this seems like someone well worth checking out at the earliest opportunity.

The single opens to a few strummed bars on an acoustic guitar, but quickly widens out with a prominent electric guitar sound that appears through out the track. Reya's vocals also come in quickly setting the scene of someone not meant for small town life, "Gotta get out I'm a big fish in a small pond" having to explain that a move to the big city will allow her to feel that she is "finally going to be someone". The autobiographical direct nature of the lyrics are refreshingly open and honest "I'm trying for my life to find where I belong - I'm not homeless - I just don't know what home is". All of this sung in a voice well versed in the country genre, perfectly able to put across the emotions in the song of someone searching for where they belong. - An excellent debut!

Homeless is released 21st February

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