Nia Nicholls - Close To You

Nia Nicholls releases her second single of the summer and although recorded at the same time in Nashville as the previous one "Jessica", this has a completely different sound and feel.

If "Jessica" was Nia in classic country mode, then "Close To You" is much more now, in terms of sound, with a slightly distorted intro that both instantly makes you smile and hooks you in before she has even uttered a single word.

A tale of infatuation, it is full of the happiness and joy that becomes all consuming when it takes over, with even Nia recognizing "my sanity I'm losing cos I'm so in love with you" with Nia providing a suitably daydreamy vocal.

The chorus details the many mad things that you can do "You got me dancing in my brand new dress in my bedroom at 3 AM" and is laid out over a delightfully upbeat tune with Nia stretching the "you" of the title over about six syllables gradually rising as it progresses. With a tight sounding band, the results have a live feel about them, especially the drumming which is perfectly captured and especially suits the song. There are some subtle additional backing vocals over the final chorus and that just seems to give it that final polish.

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