Michael Logen - When You Can't Hold Someone ( Acoustic )

Michael Logen, frequent visitor to the UK with the likes of Sarah Darling, Jenn Bostic and Lizanne Knott has done what many songwriters may well be doing over the coming months and found inspiration in the current situation of "the whole wide world shutting down".

Michael's take on things draws on the pain of enforced separation but it comes with the light that one day one "these crazy days are over" things can get back to normal.

It is filled with telling observations that will no doubt be universally felt "There's so much I took for granted, so much I was blind about and so many people I can't wait to wrap my arms around"

Obviously there has been no time to make a big production number, so this version is acoustic and comes with Michaels strident guitar playing and some harmonica with the atmosphere created by Michael's voice which ends on barely a whisper. You can hear the chair he's sitting he's sitting on creak and the occasional squeak from the guitar strings but it only adds to the recording - no-one is expecting polished product but in this song they might find a few moments of light relief.

When You Can't Hold Someone is released April 21st

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