• Chris Farlie

Macartney Reinhardt - Shadows / Twilight

Something is definitely happening in Georgia at the moment, their ability to turn out quality artists at ridiculously young ages seems to be never ending. Having spent much of last year raving about Leah Belle Faser, let's take a look at one of her rivals for Georgia's "Teen Artist of the Year 2020" in the shape of Macartney Reinhardt.

Macartney has a lot in common with Leah, both seem to have a definite vision for their respective sounds, each following their own instincts rather than trying to sound like the latest craze. Their writing also sets them apart, from the crowd, their respective phrasing and choice of words and subject matters are really quite amazing for artists so young.

"Shadows" is her debut single and from the very start this is attention grabbing stuff, with its striking guitar intro, gentle almost dreamlike, immediately luring you in and once backed up by a solid drumbeat, things are perfectly set up for Macartney to open. When she does two things are instantly noticeable, the first is that her voice is perhaps a little deeper that you might at first imagine from the face looking out on the single cover and secondly her opening words are totally not your usual Country fare

"Every one has their fears and their ghosts

But mine just won't quit haunting me

Everybody tells me "Let it go"

Don't know how strong I'd have to be"

The songs has its roots in the aftermath of her Grandmothers death after a long illness, and all of the emotions that come with such a loss. Macartney is able to express this quite vividly and so there are descriptive lines where

"Darkness caves in" and where we find her "so lost in this tunnel that now I can't see"

Ultimately this is a song about emerging from the darkness though and there is the acceptance that

I should look up at the sun and not back at my shadows" with the word "Shadow" being stressed in a variety of interesting ways, really giving us a hint as to power in her voice waiting to be unleashed.

The song ends on an upbeat note with Macartney finding her way out - "I can finally see the light"

It is quite a daunting subject to pick for your debut single, but clearly this comes from the heart just from the intensity of the lyrics and the attention to detail in that vocal delivery.

Although "Shadows" is her debut, Macartney has released at least one other tune and it certainly will raise an eyebrow or two as it is stunning cover of Elliott Smith's "Twilight".

Like the original it is fairly basic in terms of instrumentation but it is Macartney's haunting vocal delivery that makes it such essential listening, It is a slightly unusual choice with lines like

"You don't deserve to be lonely

but those drugs you got won't make you feel better"

but that just makes Macartney all the more exciting - if she can start with an Elliott Smith cover what on earth will be coming next!!!!

With "Shadows" and "Twilight", Macartney has both shown her writing talents and her ability to interpret others along with a vocal prowess that is quite distinct, that should serve her well going forward - she is definitely on our watch list for 2021.

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