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  • Chris Farlie

Lindsay Ell - I Don't Love You

With her last proper studio album "The Project" still sounding fresh, and her excellent duet with Brantley Gilbert "What Happens In a Small Town" nominated for an award, it is time for something new from Lindsay Ell. Previewed during her Chris Young support slot and on her recent London date "I Don't Love You" looks set to keep that hot streak continuing and surely sees Lindsay move to being the big star we've always thought she would become.

It's a relatively simple ballad instrumentally, but what really sells it are Lindsay's vocals almost certainly the best she's ever captured, vulnerable on the verses and supremely powerful on the chorus as she relates the downside of a break up, detailing the things she no longer does like going to "open up a bottle with my dinner" or "the restaurant I don't go to anymore". It is a song that anyone who has gone through a break up will associate with, summed up by the chorus line "I don't love you anymore but I still miss you sometimes". With a trademark Lindsay guitar solo thrown in for good measure - this is pretty much as good as it gets.

The video for "I Don't Love You" is available here

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