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Brantley Gilbert & Lindsay Ell - What Happens In a Small Town

The season of good will to all may be upon us and while many artists are plying us with their various takes on Christmas, Brantley Gilbert and Lindsay Ell have teamed up to give us the best present of all a cracking new single.!

It's the lead single from Gilbert’s upcoming fifth studio album and is driven along by a thumping back beat and Brantley's earthy vocals while Lindsay Ell pitches in with a trademark guitar solo which all combine to make something a little bit special.

It is essentially built around the chorus and deals with the perils of what happens when a relationship breaks down in a small town where every location brings back a memory, and where everyone knows you, even the bartender who fills up a glass and as Brantley puts it "Everybody knows why i'm here and you ain't around".

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