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  • Chris Farlie

wAnt me back - Lindsay Ell

First thing to note is that the eccentric spelling of the title is all to do with the forthcoming proper followup release to "The Project", The album is called "heart theory", and the capital letters that are used in the various tracks spell out "heart theory"! That is just the beginning as the record is billed as a "concept" album and so will have lots more going on its 12 tracks including contributions from Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line and Brandy Clark.

The opening single wAnt me back" also comes with a star credit being co written among others by Kane Brown and if this is a sign of what is to come then the album will be something truly special judging by the quality of the songs she was playing on her tour dates last year.

It is both refreshing in sound and attitude with a simple almost clipped guitar sound along with a drum beat over which Lindsay lays down her vocals. that then explodes into life in the chorus, and still finds room for a restrained trademark Lindsay guitar solo.

Lyrically it is also empowering with the ex partner being firmly put in their place

"Typical you, always wanting what you can't have, soon as I moved on, started missing me so bad saying maybe we should try again"

The song then details all of the things that they'll be missing out on and just to rub it in recalling a "special weekend out n LA" with the pithy reminder "Think of what we could've been If you'da just tried, cause I think that I'm worth it I thought you were perfect, but you had your time".

It displays a great self confidence with a certain bite and so fits well into the "Anger" section of the record - we did say it was a concept record and it comes in 7 distinct parts, the 7 stages of grief.

Enjoy the visualizer for the single:

Mark it in your diaries and pre save!!

heart theory will brighten our summers as of Aug 14th

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