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  • Chris Farlie

Kerri Watt Cut Me Loose ( Acoustic) ft Samuel Jack / Kissing Fools ( Acoustic)

The original version of "Cut Me Loose" blew our socks off when it was released last year, a spectacular new sound for Kerri matched to a fantastic video paying homage to the film "I Tonya". Both song and video had so much going on in them that it was difficult to imagine how this song ever originally materialised in the first place.

A few lucky souls got to see Kerri play a solo performance before Lockdown at the Social in London or may have seen one of her Facebook live shows, now here is the chance to hear the song in its acoustic bare bones format.

That is not to say it is just Kerri on her own strumming for three minutes, lovely as that would be, she has added some extra vocal lines, there is a big yet basic drum sound running through the track and there is now the undeniable presence of Samuel Jack whose rich deep soulful gravel based vocals bring their own little piece of magic to proceedings.

This new version really draws ones attention to the lyrics which now seems a little darker than previous now that they are more prominent. The relationship described seems more controlling and possessive, "You hid me away like a babe in the wood" and the line "Don't look for me" has a definite finality about it - once cut loose there is no reconciliation coming, she is "long long gone". Tt's a great version and well worth checking out.

It's not the first acoustic version of her new material, equally worth checking out is the acoustic version of "Kissing Fools". This one is just Kerri and a guitar but somehow she is still able to generate a level of soulfulness in sound mixed with a little cheekiness in her delivery that is instantly winning. On both songs just occasionally, maybe for a word or so Kerri also lets just a little of her Scottish lilt slip into the mix which only adds to the charm of these versions - both of which make excellent companion pieces to the full recorded versions.

Kerri's new album "Chasing Aeroplanes" is due at some point 2021 which will be something to savour no doubt.

Kerri & Samuel will be performing a live stream duet on Saturday April 25th at 4pm via Instagram, visit her profile for further details.

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