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Julia Larkin Same Old / Toy

It was via a somewhat convoluted route, however seeing that #TEAMw21 favourite Macartney Reinhardt was playing at a show entitled "On The Verge", we got to investigating some of the other names on the bill and accordingly arrived at Julia Larkin. Hailing from New York, now based in Nashville, Julia revealed herself to be well worthy of further investigation.

Julia's second single released earlier this month was "Same Old" which sees her running the rule over an ex and finding that he has not changed at all

"You're still driving that same old car

The Ford that took me home from the same old bar

Where we would always go

Back when I didn't know

You get around town but you never get that far

Probably drinking that same old beer

John Mayer concerts every single year

You haven't changed a bit

I'm the only thing you quit

Unlike you boy your bad habits never disappear"

Julia has a distinct disdain of what she settled for when by her own admission "I didn't know".

There are some nice production touches such as the little bit of guitar added in when John Mayer is mentioned and the overall sound is polished with the upfront acoustic guitar doing the main work but with little audible additions keeping things fresh. The whole idea of seeing an ex later for what he is and knowing that you have moved on while he is destined to repeat to ever diminishing returns is a strong positive one to send out.

The chorus sees the arrival of a more full band sound with jangly guitars and Julia ups her vocal volume accordingly - her words become ever more withering.

"Same old lies to a new believer

Same old eyes won't cry when you leave her

Yeah your hair will get gray

Another candle on your birthday cake

Some things get better with age

but you won't"

Julia's punchy vocals make this all the more enjoyable - well deserving of that "On The Verge" label.

Julia's debut single "Toy" co written with fellow performer Willow Zhu was a sassy piece of empowerment which saw her taking on the persona of someone calling out a partner for their unacceptable shady behaviour.

Opening to little more than a guitar and drum beat Julia fires out her vocals her displeasure clear!

"Midnight at the bar downtown

You get up say you're gonna grab me a drink

I can see your eyes darting around

Checking out some girl as you bite your lip"

The chorus makes it clear who is in charge in this relationship painting Julia as independent, and self assured - one not to be played with.

"Can't have me when you decide you want me

Throw me away when you get bored of me

You're acting like a little boy

But I am not your little toy"

The second verse makes things even clearer with a further example of relationship red flags. Julia's delivery is calm and considered and is all the more cutting because of this.

"Next morning you take a shower

See a random text light up your phone

I bring it up and we fight for hours

Now this is two days in a row"

The relationship conclusion is inevitable and he is dispatched with short shrift.

"What a shame you don't have a heart

It ain't gonna get you far

I won't give you want you want

This is the last straw"

For the final chorus initially Julia's vocals are disconnected played out against a muted band sound before both she and the band explode back into life for the last moments. For a debut single using the most minimal of instrumentation this is a highly polished production that punches well above its weight - it certainly announced Julia Larkin to the world.

Toy Video link -

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