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  • Chris Farlie

Joe Martin - The Jetsons

Initially only available on the new artist friendly streaming service Wavlake, "The Jetsons" sees Joe Martin bring his inimitable writing skills and places them in the confines of a pop song and the results are quite splendid bringing a degree of lyric crafting that is a pleasure to behold.

It may start as a strumming acoustic guitar but soon we are somewhere different entirely with electronica and a drum machine filling the sound

"You talk about the future - what do you see?

Is it an ocean of colour growing exponentially?

What keeps me up through the night time

Keeps me dreaming through the day

Is that the Goddess of wisdom

Is only a block away"

This is as perfect a pop production as you can get, swathes of electric guitar possibly even a faint pedal steel, it all blends together seamlessly in this perfect declaration of love.

"I want to fly with the Jetsons - I want to shoot past the stars

Want to take you to a place - you've never been before

Where nothing rhymes like purple and orange!"

ending on the line

"I want to shoot past the stars with you"

You cannot help but love a song that includes the couplet

"Where energy is flowing through machines that are all knowing

and the lightning outshines the sun"

If the future is full of songs like this - bring it on!!

The Jetsons is available on

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