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  • Chris Farlie

Joe Martin - Heartbreak Cult

A welcome return to the fold for Joe Martin and within 2 lines of the opening it reminded us why it was so great to hear him back again.

"She turned my vinyl into ashtrays and she don't even smoke, an expensive way to play an impractical joke"

Joe brings with him a level of lyric writing that really does justify songwriting being considered a craft, each syllable honed to perfection, where else are you going to get lines like

"What am i to do when she is worshipping her deity of misery?"

The song as you may have gathered is linked to a bad breakup specifically dealing with someone who won't come to terms with it or as Joe exasperatingly puts it "She don't want to talk like a rational adult". Peppered with quotable lines this is a sheer joy to listen to.

With instrumental backing coming from the Chorlton Country Club. the music is as precise as the lyrics, no need for gimmickry, just perfect unfussy playing with every note nailed to perfection, from the gentle percussion, to the perfect piano through to the exquisite guitar work. All of this provides a backing over which Joe barely has to raise his voice, in fact it is one of his softest delivered vocals to date. With a planned series of releases to come there has never been a better time to get acquainted with Joe Martin.

Heartbreak Cult will be released July 31st and is available for Pre save here

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