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  • Chris Farlie

Jeorgia Rose - Boxes

The latest release from Jeorgia Rose finds her in a reflective mood, looking back to when times were simpler. The cover finds her with a childhood toy on her lap surrounded by cardboard boxes with childish looking painting upon them.

When life gets complicated it is often comforting to think about childhood - even the common dream about teeth falling out is supposedly linked to that same feeling of a time when you had no worries and everything was possible.

The single opens to some gentle guitar/mandolin and finds Jeorgia in a most wistful mood,

"Didn't compare what I'd wear - to the other girls

I didn't care about my red hair or their long brown curls - I didn't know how to tie my shoes"

It is on the final line of the chorus that the real contrast between then and now is touched up on.

"Everything was technicolor - I was best friends with my brother

Didn't know how to count my wins and losses

Back when Christmas was exciting

Didn’t hate fitting room lighting

I could be anything, oh anything I wanted

Back when I didn't try to put myself in boxes"

That feeling of being out of control plays out in subsequent verses, talk of crying alone on a bathroom floor or in another contrasting couplet sung in a breathy voice.

"I couldn't have read a story if you asked me to - but if you asked me who I thought I was I knew"

There is one further line that also harkens back to childhood days

"Back before I knew how it felt to be broken hearted"

The most prominent instrumental sound of the single is the inventive percussion which brings additional layers to the overall sound palette.

With an accompanying video that has raised her parents home movie collection for happy moments played out against Jeorgia sitting alone on her bed - let's hope writing this song helps find some solace.


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