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Jaden Michaels - Superwoman

Another new name to #TEAMw21 is Jaden Michaels, and her new single "Superwoman" as well as being a fine single in its own right comes with a special video celebrating superwomen everywhere, especially those working on the front line in these troubled times for the world.

From it's gentle opening guitar chords and dream like backing vocals "Superwoman" immediately engages as we drop into the everyday life of a "Superwoman"

"Waiting by the phone I know someone is going to call, I put the S on my chest lightning speed I save them all".

The second verse seems to be from the viewpoint of someone else living a completely different life trapped in domestic drudgery "Make his coffee black, make the bed and make excuses, Half the time I don't know how i'm getting through it"".

In essence it is a tribute to every woman not a comic book hero, and highlights that everyone is a Superwoman and that is it is okay to need respite especially when " I forget to cry I forget to break" ultimately asking the question "Does someone save Superwoman?" acknowledging that "I'm only human".

Discovering one Jaden song though was not enough for #TEAMw21 so we thought we'd better see if there were any other gems in Jaden locker - only to find she's got a vertiable jewellery store of diamonds and pearls waiting to be discovered and heard!!

"Clothes On The Lawn" as the title suggests is the result of what happens when you get found out by Jaden, and as they say "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" and she leaves no stone unturned in exacting her revenge. As she says to great effect in a classic line "You may think i'm dumb but I ain't no natural blonde!".

By the end of the song he's homeless, jobless, without a girlfriend and with the Sheriff waiting for him to attempt to drink and drive. It's delivered with great skill and the publicity cover photo has Jaden delivering a look that you would not want to mess with.

It's a gloriously outrageous in your face tune that perfectly matches the events of the song - we love it!

There are more relationship issues with "Making Up", a hard hitting lyric wrapped up in the gentlest of tunes of a couple in a toxic relationship. Jaden sets the tone from the opening line "I know you hate it when I cry, but sometimes it's the things you do". If the vocals in "Clothes On The Lawn" have the required sassiness to make the song work then this tune has Jaden delivering real hurt and emotion, never more so than when she sings "Last night you couldn't let it go, every word just set you off, we're running empty on a dead-end road, I guess love will never be enough".

The picture of a couple spiraling downward but where only one can see it for what it is, is painted vividly.

Closing our quick jaunt round Jaden's career, ( and believe us there is much more to find ) is "Preach" this time we find Jaden in a bar at 01:00 having to deal with unwanted attentions of someone "slurring your words with tequila".

It's a return to the lady being in control of "Clothes On The Lawn" but this is one relationship going nowhere - instantly spotted as being "nothing but a phoney" - he is dealt with in some style "You can preach but I'm not a believer in you".

With a full on band sound including a glorious organ and an over the top guitar solo this is a perfect pop country song just listen to how Jaden delivers that opening verse it's as if we are in the bar with her looking on as events unfold.

Able to switch tone effortlessly between dark and light, and with a range of vocals that suit the most rocking country tune to the tenderest acoustic moment - Jaden Michaels is one to discover, love and then look out for in the future.




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