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  • Chris Farlie

Jade Helliwell - The Moment

Jade Helliwell keeps her fine run of singles going with her most polished production to date in the shape of "The Moment". In fact it is so polished and so well delivered you could easily be mistaken for thinking this was being delivered freshly from Nashville.

Like all the best songs Jade has honed in on a universal feeling, that everyone will recognize but that no-one has yet put a name to, until now. It describes circumstances that lead to the "Will he / Will she". make that move that completely changes a relationship and asks if the move is not made at that time will it ever - was that "The Moment".

Jade lists a number of could've been moments "The sun had set and it was past 11 As you walked me home that warm July night", and "Dancing in the lights singing songs we don’t know Or the time you said that you’d take me home Cause you didn’t like me walking late at night alone". In lesser hands that might've been enough to hang a song off, but Jade seals the success of the song by taking it to another level, identifying that she's determined not to miss out "Next time I’ll jump in It might not be forever But I won’t be wondering Was that the moment?"

The sound as mentioned is very polished, essentially a piano ballad, but with rich strings, shimmering cymbals. pedal steel and with Jade delivering a vocal that seems to squeeze the maximum amount of words into the lines of the verses giving it a slightly jaunty feel while slowing her delivery for the big sumptuous chorus, the sort of big belting chorus that she excels at.

"The Moment" is released today

Jade will hopefully be touring the UK in September / Oct

September 2nd - The Grace, London - Headline Tour

September 3rd - The Castle, Manchester - Headline Tour

September 4th - The Bird in Hand, Stafford - Headline Tour

September 5th - Kirkhamgate Village Hall, Wakefield - Headline Tour

September 7th - The Hug and Pint, Glasgow - Headline Tour

September 8th - The AdelphI Club, Hull - Headline Tour

October 26th - The Green Note, London -In association with TalentBanq

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