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  • Chris Farlie

Honey County - Woke Up Tired

Whatever the times we are living in there will always be a place for perfect pop music and heading straight onto our playlist are Honey County promising "pop hooks, southern twang, and California cool" and delivering on all fronts. There are hints of all sorts of groups in their sound, a bit of The Go Go's a bit of Wilson Phillips yet they remain refreshingly unique.

The production on "Woke Up Tired" is also something to marvel at especially the little touches like the ringing alarm clock and the drums sounding like a ticking clock through to the phrasing and harmonies that all go together to make an immediate impact on the listener even on first outing.

It starts as a lovely restrained band performance, initially just vocals and guitar before exploding into an irresistible pop classic.

Lyrically it's a simple idea summed up by the chorus " I woke up tired as I've been running round with you in my dreams" but it's been worked up into something much more making a fantastic package. This group are surely heading for great things.

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