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  • Chris Farlie

Harleymoon Kemp - Space

The first of a projected series of singles from Harleymoon Kemp has arrived in the shape of "Space". Not that it matters, but we may as well address the elephant in the room nice and early , yes she has a relative or two that you may have heard of but the only thing that is really of any interest is whether it is any good or not.

It certainly has high production values but then you might have expected that with an ex member of Noah & The Whale at the helm and there is a perfect pop country vibe happening.

There is something a little awkward about the lyrics in the verses, the rhyming of "planet" and "planned it" along with the repetition in a different context of the word "planet" presumably there to tie in with the alternate meaning of "Space" seem at odds with the straight forward heartfelt lines of the chorus which seem all the more real by comparison.

"I could stay here forever when I look in your eyes, the shape of your body fits perfect with mine and I know that it's only a room with a bed but it's my favourite place, when i'm in your space"

That quibble aside there is plenty to enjoy here, the guitar sounds and the piano line picked out in the chorus are perfectly done to grab your attention. Harleymoon's vocals, and phrasing have the feel of someone who has listened to a lot of classic country songs while the additional vocals around the chorus are from someone who clearly knows their way round a pop song.

This serves as a romantic introduction to Harleymoon, the songs of sadness and heartache are to follow but as an opening salvo, it does its job well and it will be interesting to see what else she has up her sleeve in the upcoming months.

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