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  • Chris Farlie

Halle Kearns - Pick Me Up

If the name Halle Kearns means little at the moment you'd be forgiven, however a debut single release "Pick Me Up" looks set to change all that. A cheekily provocative little number matched to an uptempo tune is sure to set male pulses racing. The Nashville based Missouri born singer has already racked up a string high profile support slots with the likes of David Nil, Sean McConnell and Eli Young and this release looks certain to raise her profile even more.

Lyrically the whole song revolves around the two definitions of "pick me up" to succeed, leading to the chorus "I need a little pick me up so come and pick me up". In fairness the verse establishes Halle as hardworking lady looking to let off steam at the end of the working week "It's been a long week 9 -5 plus overtime"! and for all her drinking of "cheap champagne" she does seem quite career focused as "Monday's going to come around again but that's alright, as long as I get you for the weekend!"

It's Halle's delivery of the weekend activities though that are going to win her many admirers, as she sings with just the right tone that "I'm in need of some TLC, and the only way i want it is with your lips all over me" or when she says "Hurry up boy come on!"

Instrumentally it is effectively built on a couple of guitars but they manage to inject the requisite sense of summertime fun, there are some drums and some ubiquitous clicking but nothing can stop this being a feel good, summertime country pop song. There is plenty more to come from Halle, "Whatever You Do" and "Before He Could" are both sounding strong like songs and anyone who holds back an EP because it didn't feel right is someone with a degree of artistic integrity that will surely get its reward in due course.

Pick Me Up is available 31st July = pre-save + pre-order link -

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