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  • Chris Farlie

ELY - Therapy

ELY may not sound the most rock and roll name you've ever come across however throw away images of Cathedrals and prepare to have your socks blown off and at the same time your ears unwaxed with an absolutely barnstorming single. They are fronted by a rather talented lady called Jenny Colquitt who as a solo artist released a great single of her own called "Dirty Town", which is well worth checking out however this is something different again.

As it starts you can't help but be reminded of fragments of the Sultans Of Swing guitar lines but it is as if they have been shot through an Americana prism thst has fragmented them and now they only bear the faintest scent of eau de Dire Straits, beneath much more echo, a substantial driving drum sound as well as the soaring vocal stylings of Ms Colquitt.

"Therapy" attempts to explore the world of mental health via a fictional character, yet one that will seem reasonably familiar, the sort of person suffering from hallucinations lost in his own world. It's a world many of would rather not get too close to and it is our collective voices one would think that are shouting the unsympathetic lines of the chorus

"He's going round the bend again!"

There are other more kinder observations, "He won't medicate the emptiness" and "He's immune to therapy" which all point to just how difficult a situation this is to deal with.

The middle of the song sees Jenny give voice to his frustration and confusion with an exemplary vocal that truly captures the feeling behind every line,

"I'm not trying to make it harder

I'm not trying to make a scene

I'm not fighting this disorder

and I am through with therapy"

Complete with a gloriously retro over the top guitar solo, that perfectly sets things up to allow Jenny to power through the final chorus with a confidence and assurity that is a joy to behold, This is ELY's second single, their debut being the equally wonderful "Tornado", with another great guitar line, and Jenny snapping out the lines with a wonderful rapid fire delivery. It all points to a magnificent new arrival on the Americana scene

Therapy is released September 10th

For those based in the north - here are a few chances to see this band before they inevitablty start playing much bigger venues - The Runcorn show is already sold out!!

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