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  • Chris Farlie

Countdown To Buckle & Boots 2021 - 5 Morganway

Making their third appearance at Buckle & Boots wlll be Morganway, It was 2017 with a slightly different line up that they made their debut, some of the songs that would later grace their debut album were already in the set ,as were covers of Bruce Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac. Even buried away in an early afternoon slot they caught the all seeing eye of #TEAMw21 and within a week or two we were one again reporting on them from the Spice Of Life London and once again blown away.

Their potential was great then however the arrival of SJ Mortimer on lead vocals, and Nicole Terry on fiddle, backing vocals and all round stomping activity, saw them transform in something else, quite simply the greatest live band on the Americana circuit. This may seem a bold claim to make but having seen them well over 20 ( yet not enough !) times we are still able to identify little details we've not seen before in each performance.

There are so many things to watch out for, the interplay between Kieran's guitar and Nicole's fiddle playing, SJ's awesome vocals and thumping tambourine playing, and the general sheer power when all of them are at full throttle.

Last time round we said

"This band are truly something special and surely destined for much bigger things, they generate such electricity and atmosphere and tonight was an absolute pleasure to watch.”

and this time round we shall expect nothing less and don't just take it from us this is what they have to say

“Like many musicians in Lockdown we’ve really embraced technology as a way of communicating our ideas, and while often we’ve been unable to meet face to face, it’s actually been a very creative time for us. We have many new songs now and a new record is most certainly shaping up. So expect a bit of a new record preview at this year’s Buckle and Boots, as well as some Morganway usuals. We’re still working on the order, but let’s just say it’s going to be a totally different Morganway show to what we’ve toured before. I think these summer shows will be a very special time for us, and I hope for the audience too. Live music is BACK! We know the Buckle and Boots crowd can be a rowdy bunch, and we hope they’re ready to party!” – CALLUM MORGAN

Morganway will take to the stage at 18:20 in Sunday 1st August

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