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  • Chris Farlie

Christie Huff - Halfway Fell

One of the more positive aspects of having a lot of spare time is the ability to discover new artists and another who has generated a lot of interest since we included her on our playlist is Christie Huff., and with her new single "Halfway Fell" about to be released on Friday there has never been a better time to get acquainted.

The latest single is something of a traditional break up song shone through a slightly different prism. There is neither the outright rancour of a bad break up or the deep depression of missing someone dearly. Instead we find Christie at that midway point in the process not wishing ill will on the other party while at the same time not wishing to see them too happy without her.

The lyrics to the verse are delivered in an unusual style where one line seemingly blends into the other, at first its a little disconcerting but just by being slightly different from everyone one else it immediately makes the song more memorable. Christie nails her colours to the wall pretty much in the opening verse when she says "i'm over hating you" and the chorus with it's "I don't wish you bad I don't wish you well" refrain is a nice take on a relationship that did not work out and top marks must go for the line "I don't miss and tell!"

Musically "Halfway Fell" also appropriately finds itself being halfway, sitting somewhere between being almost acoustic while at the same time displaying a degree of polished production with Christie's backing vocals being used in layers, in an extremely creative way. Christie has some other great songs already lined up ready to go in the shape of "I Don't Know" which we'll be raving about later in the year so expect her star to do nothing but rise as 2020 unfolds.

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