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  • Chris Farlie

Andrew Jones - Reminds Me Of You

Rising Phoenix like from the ashes of Acoustic Journey / Journey Home" comes Andrew "AJ" Jones with his debut solo single "Reminds Me Of You" and it may well come as a bit of a surprise to fans of his previous bands.

This shows a more sensitive heartfelt side of Mr Jones, the old softy is even releasing it on Valentines Day!!. Out with the stomp and in with a gentle ballad reflecting on journey so far and and the effects of being on the road away from home chasing the dream has on your relationships, and how the smallest of things "Every sunset, every moonshine reminds me of you, every coke can every whiskey reminds me of you" can bring them to mind.

Recorded with a minimum of instrumentation yet still sounding big enough to be a band, it defies a lot of the expectations of a single yet still seems to work, there is no big chorus as such, more of a brooding gradually building atmosphere. Something of a rarity these days, there is also a proper full on guitar solo with the song ending almost suddenly on the verse after it. As an opening salvo it is certainly attention grabbing as it will not be what a lot of people would be expecting, it remains to be seen what else AJ has up his sleeve.

With a live show on Sunday 9th February at Pinups ( The Islington ) we may not have long to wait to find out!!!

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