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  • Words Chris Farlie

Megan O'Neill - Rootless

The last time we bumped into Megan O'Neill she was talking about a forthcoming move back To Ireland after spending several years in London and her new single "Rootless" could easily date back to those times, where you start to ponder where it is you call home especially when as she observes "I'll never stay in one place long enough"

Recorded with her long time collaborators The Dunwells, it sees Megan drawing on many of the best aspects from her recent releases, so we have a big modern production yet it all sounds authentic from the opening guitar intro.

With an album to follow and a UK & Irish tour and support dates with Aslan ( not an Asian tour as we first misread!) - it is an ideal time to catch up with Megan O'Neill.

#Rootless #MeganONeill