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Sasha McVeigh - Rock Bottom

It's been a while, in fact it has been far too long but we finally have something new from one of our most successful exports - Sasha McVeigh. It seems so long ago, but it was Sasha's tours that first brought Sonia Leigh, The Cains and The Loveless Effect to our attention in extended support slots and her debut album "I Stand Alone" has stood the test of time exceptionally well.

This first release from her second album albeit that it may be a while before it surfaces fully assembled in that format is a welcome return. Her voice now has a slightly deeper richer timbre about it which if anything makes it all the more endearing but it is still distinctly Sasha, and she has kept to the sound that worked so well first time round, unfussy and uncluttered, there's not a lot of instrumentation here but what there is absolutely serves its purpose to great effect.

Addressing "Rock Bottom" as if it was a person gives Sasha a chance to reflect, after all from the bottom the only way is up, and as Sasha notes

"I built my life on you now i'm stronger than I was back then". This is Sasha opening up about how things have been and what you learn when you are at your lowest ebb, "you taught me how to love , how to hurt and even how to hate" and she leaves us with the reaffirming lines "You made me face my fears while I was here and you made me who I am"

With a perfect guitar solo, a sumptuous chorus and a beautifully delivered vocal, this is Sasha at her best, there is not a second wasted on this track and it sets expectations high for what else is to follow.

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