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Emily Mae Winters - Wildfire, Come Stay In My Heart and Pay No Rent, How Do You Fix A Broken Sun?

For those who have been living in a cave the is is the third single from Emily's excellent forthcoming second album "High Romance". Each of the singles has acted as a taster showcasing different facets of both her songwriting and singing.

"Wildfire" announces itself with a drum beat and a suitably americanan riff provided by Ben Walker before Emily Mae kicks in with "I've got embers in my soul, they're prone to spark without control". It continues in a suitably charged manner with the chorus "You set me alight no warning feel my own flames burning my skin". All of this is attached to a kicking beat provided by Matt Ingram and a rich warm bass from John "JP" Parker to make a superb high octane three minutes of joy topped off by Emily Mae's splendid vocals

The opening single was the almost anthemic "How Do You Fix A Broken Sun?", not some quirky sci fi epic but rather a metaphor for losing your inner soul and generally losing your way in life Introduced with a gently strumming guitar that gradually builds into something special with some great guitar work and a quite stunning vocal performance that fully justifies why we at #TEAMw21 rate Emily Mae so highly.

"Come Live In My Heart And Pay No Rent" is one of the songs that mark out Emily Mae as being different from a lot of artists, in that it is based on a traditional Irish poem by Samuel Lover. It is probably as open a declaration of feeling that you can get, unconditionally laying yourself open. It is the track that opens the album and is a good gateway from "Siren Serenade" into the more Americana based sounds of "High Romance"

The album "High Romance" is due for release on the 19th July and will surely be one of the years essential purchases.

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