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Talk - Vic Allen

Continuing a pretty much unbroken run of excellent releases is the latest single "Talk" from Vic Allen. Co written by the ridiculously talented Kaity Rae who also co produced with Lauren Deakin-Davies and this is some production, listen to the attention to detail in the layers of backing vocals and marvel at just how much is actually going on.

In many ways this is pretty much a perfect pop single, the 2 verses may have similar instrumentation but they are completely different, with the second verse building in intensity to great effect, while the chorus is completely made by the style of Vic's vocal delivery which is as ever impeccable.

Lyrically it harks back to a relationship that is no more, particularly those moments of just being able to talk to someone, "I Just want to pour it all out while you take it all in". It comes with the sober realisation that the person "Probably don't want to hear from me no more" and Vic ponders "Wonder if you'd ever pick up?."

The breathtaking attention to detail even follows through into the lyric video for the song with the backing vocals faintly streaming by in the background.

All in all it sets the groundwork perfectly for Vic's debut album due later in the year, which could really be something special - cannot wait!!!

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