Raihanna Estrada - Jump Off The Train

A welcome return for Raihanna Estrada. a long time TEAMw21 favourite with a great new single "Jump Off the Train". Arriving like the bullet train at platform one this song wastes no time in immediately getting up a head of steam!.

Inspired by a train trip in Sweden hence the line about "long summer daylight". It touches on a relationship that for whatever reason was a right person wrong time kind of affair, a relationship "where the hourglass is running out", as she says "I know there ain't no going back but if I could I would and that's a fact". There is a hint of realism though in the lyrics as she sings "Of course i'll miss you but it just ain't that time" but for once it is separation with happy memories rather than one with acrimony.

The instrumentation drives the song along like a train with a thumping backbeat and some glorious fiddle and slide guitar work. As ever Raihanna is in exceptional voice and those unfamiliar with her work should immediately make a beeline for the two excellent EP's she has already released. Hopefully this is a taster of more to come and a reason for another visit to these shores.

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