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  • Chris Farlie

Wise Woman - Mallory Johnson & Twin Kennedy

Mallory Johnson was one of our Lockdown finds with her Double A side single of "Drunk Mind Sober Heart / Hungover" and her latest single sees her team up with what could well be another find in the shape of Twin Kennedy, who just to confuse things slightly are a group not a person consisting of twins Carli and Julie Kennedy

Written about their collective experiences in the male dominated music industry. although it may well equally apply to many other areas of business, this is something of a wake up call for anyone who thought that times had changed. From the opening lines there is a depressing reminder that things may not have advanced as far as we'd like to believe

"Another year still looking younger than my age

That don't matter i'm told to lie about it anyway

Cos you can't get old and you can't act young"

The recollections and wisdom gained come thick and fast

"Another man not listening to what i say

My education and his opinion ain't the same"

"I've learned that saying no - no it don't make me weak

Turning a blind eye won't hide what you don't want to see

Trust your heart, trust your gut work real hard and never give up"

There is solace to be found in the chorus and let's hope that it gives encouragement and confidence to performers on their artistic journey.

"If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't stand there in that line - I'd be standing out

I'd sit pretty at the head of the table, I'd be a lady leading the way so another girl like me

wouldn't have to wait on time to be a "Wise Woman""

The combination of Twin Kennedy and Mallory seems a perfect match, the sibling vocals entwining and contrasting perfectly with Mallory's to great effect, and Julie's fiddle playing along with a guitar and pedal steel are all the instruments needed to make this song so memorable

Wise Woman is also a tv special showcasing a number of female Canadian artists such as Tenille Arts & Madeline Merlo to name but two.

Twin Kennedy have an EP due later in the Spring which we'll be most interested in listening to.

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