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  • Chris Farlie

Vic Allen - Pictures Of Us

Coming out in the post C2C hullaballoo is the latest single from Vic Allen - the rather fine "Picture Of Us" built around the fairly simple premise of erasing all pictures of an ex after a break up, only to note there were actually none of them together. To a songwriter these little observations can be pure gold and so it proves for Vic.

Opening with an acoustic guitar and Vic saying

"I've already cried twice this morning It's only 8am", we get a fairly straight rundown of what has passed to put Vic into this emotional state, where

"Hey can we talk? ended with me hanging up"

The chorus takes us through Vic's purge of all traces of the person -- as she

"Can't bear to see your face - if you're no longer mine".

In an age where everything seems to be photographed from sunsets to your latest meal, the initial thinking might have been that maybe he wasn't the one anyway however Vic offers a different theory.

"Guess that we were too caught up in the moment - to ever feel like we needed to capture anything forever" however that lack of an image makes life easier - "with no proof that it was real"

With just a little bit of echo and percussive punctuation along with Vic's trademark attention to detail on backing vocals, this is a deceptively moving single with Vic being brutally honest about her feelings.

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