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  • Chris Farlie

Vic Allen - Healing

A welcome return to action for Vic Allen, with yet another high quality single. Anyone who had the pleasure of seeing Vic play live pre lockdown will remember the enthusiasm and pride she had when she played this track and all of that has been captured in this wonderful fusion of harmony, melody and lyric all combining to make a perfect package.

As a live performer she has grown immeasurably in confidence with the "Write Like A Girl" shows and her stunning Green Note matinee EP launch, however her recording persona has always had an air of confidence about it from the very start. Pick any track from her repertoire and there is always an incredible attention to detail, especially with the backing vocals and that trend continues here.

Lyrically a composite of personal feelings mixed with the witnessing of the affect of a break up on a friend, the writing comes across as vividly real and compelling

"I don't want to be a hopeless type - yeah i know that this is all just life no-one ever said that it was easy

But it's been a really long hard year - sick of drowning in my own damn tears nothing I can even try to believe in"

The first chorus of the song is perfectly set up, for after the feelings of depression comes the slowly delivered line spread over 6 syllables each one almost dripping off the tongue that indicate a transformation is coming

But to-day some-thing changed -

When it comes, the chorus of "Healing" is a delight of melody, and that feeling of relief that comes from once again being able to see things in a positive light is palpable.

"I noticed the sun, first time in months, seems like it's actually shining

I made it home, and danced all alone, cos I can't believe i'm not crying"

It all leads to the inescapable conclusion "I think I'm healing".

The second verse sees the relationship being put into perspective "He was never meant for me" while acknowledging that she'll never forget him and that she has learnt a valuable life lesson.

The bridge provides further explanation of just how all encompassing those feelings of loss can be

All of the time I couldn't see - it wasn't right I wasn't me I'm done, silence breakdowns and crying

I want to go back to the start be who I was I think that I'm on my way"

The final chorus is delivered differently, initially over a tinkling piano, it simply enhances how good the chorus is and puts the spotlight on Vic's singing.

Sonically Vic is one of the few artists on the UK scene that is able to seamlessly incorporate electronica into her recordings and the reason behind that is that she still keeps the core instruments of drum, guitar and piano very much to the fore. The background effects enhance rather than overwhelm the overall production. As mentioned at the start it is worth just taking just an additional listen to concentrate on the layers of backing vocals that make this track work so perfectly.

Pretty much a perfect release from its glorious, sun worshiping cover to its exquisite content, this is surely Vic Allen's most complete and confident piece of work to date

"Healing" is released on November 20th and is currently available to pre order.

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