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  • Chris Farlie

Tommy Taylor A Song For Her / Keep On Keeping On

Proving that every coin has two sides is Tommy Taylor with a double Halloween release of two songs that could not really be further apart if they tried.

By far the more interesting is "A Song For Her", fifteen years in gestation, the first song Tommy ever wrote, written about his wife. The heart of its success lies in its simplicity, just a guitar and a heartfelt vocal with no additional echoes or frills. Of course if it was as simple as that, every busker in town would have a release out, what Tommy possesses is one of those voices that have a certain worn quality to them and an honesty in his approach to singing and playing that make it stand out.

With only the one acoustic guitar on the track all of drama, the light and shade has to come from Tommy's playing which he does really well choosing which lines he wants to emphasize by playing more forcefully.

In terms of singing, with the words being so heartfelt that certain gruffness only adds to its authenticity

"Take a walk with me tell me everything on your mind girl, cos I can't sleep at night without you by my side"

We did say there were 2 releases, which brings us to "Keep On Keeping On". Coming in somewhere between Motorhead and Brothers Osborne it is loud and guitar driven to the extreme with power riffs and thumping drums.

Any of the subtlety of the previous song is replaced by all out rocking and when Tommy opens with the lines

"Now this ain't country or rock n roll" he isn't lying.

In all seriousness, if you like your music at the heavier end of the spectrum then this could be for you.

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