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  • Chris Farlie

Tilly Christiansson - Two Sides To Heartache

If Tilly Christiansson did nothing else this year, then she has already left us with one of its stand out singles in "Whiskey Hotel You". That was a co write dusted off from the Fifth Floor vaults, however her latest song "Two Sides To Heartache" is a brand new composition.

Coming with a beautifully painted cover, "Two Sides To Heartache", could easily be taken as either a message to oneself or sage advice to another, that although things can seem bleak in the darkest hour this is a process that does have light at the end of the tunnel given time.

The backing initially is stark and bleak to match the mood, just a drum and an acoustic guitar over which

Tilly outlines the problem with heightened feeling

"Sometimes it's a tidal wave

Sometimes it's a stream

We don't get a choice in which one it's gonna be"

Tilly's vocals have a beautiful solemn quality about them that perfectly capture the mood she is trying to impart

If anything the second verse paints an even more graphic picture of the depths to which you might fall

"It's like a strong drink

A shock to the mind

The more that you have

It numbs you inside

In the morning you'll wake up

Feeling like regret

Slowly but surely

You make it out of bed"

The song is called "Two Sides To Heartache" though and the pep talk comes mid way through, in the shape of a reminder that this is just another challenge to be overcome like many before. Tilly sings it as if she's shaking you by the shoulders as she says

"Think of all the things you've done

You made it out alive

It won't be any different this time"

It is the chorus that musically builds on each visit with a piano and more prominent guitar, that lays out the journey ahead

"There's two sides to heartache

The good and the bad

The road that it takes you down

Through love and hell and back"

The final visit to the chorus sees Tilly deliver the most heartfelt of reassuring vocals on those closing lines that let you know that this is a lady singing from experience, lingering on the word "handle" in a most delightful way.

"It ain't more than you can handle

Even when it's rough"

Two Sides To Heartache is available October 29th and is currently available to pre order

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