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  • Chris Farlie

Tilly Christiansson (feat. Bröderna Runnemark) - By the Sea

Not many artists get to release the same song twice however Tilly Christiansson is somewhat uniquely placed being Swedish, and so a week after the Nordic version of the song was released as "Här på ön" comes the UK one "By The Sea". Tilly was of course 50% of #TEAMw21 favourites Fifth Floor and has since gone on to release a string of quality singles in her own right including the magnificent "Hotel Whisky You" which deserves to be in any Country fans collection.

There is something abut being in proximity to the sea that is one of the major enjoyments that many take away from a vacation, so having your formative years with it playing a major part in your life, it is little wonder that a strong bond is built.

Like many though initially Tilly's wanderlust would take her away although as the second verse outlines being by the sea defines how she now views the seasons.

"I've been away, I've moved around Seen city skylines and mountain towns No matter how far away I roam There's a place at the end of the bridge that's home

Summer ain't summer if it isn't by the sea And if the winds aren't blowing, it's not winter to me I got no idea where I'm gonna go But there's a place at the end of the bridge that's home"

The opening verses are mainly led by the sound of the acoustic guitar, there's a little bit of pedal steel throughout the first verse but mainly it is just Tilly and that guitar.

The chorus sees Tilly making a passionate defence of quite how much it means to her.

"By the sea It's calm when storms are raging By the sea I can let my worries go Though I yearn to leave I always ache to come back That's how you grow up Down here by the sea"

The end of the chorus sees a Minnie Riperton moment with birdsong appearing in time for its mention at the start of the third verse along with a piano which opes up the overall sound.

"A blackbird sings in a backyard tree Sunlight streams in his melody If I close my eyes, it's all so clear Even when I'm not, I'm always here

The water's still and the clouds move slow Magnolia blossoms, evening glow There's nothing in the world I have to fear 'Cause even when I'm not, I'm always here"

The final chorus sees Tilly's delivery becomes ever more stirring and also a change in the lyric

"My friends have stood by me

Even though I've left

I'm always on my way back"

The final lines are sung in a truly heartfelt manner with just Tilly and her guitar

"'Cause there's a place at the end of the bridge that's home

Yeah, there's a place at the end of the bridge that's home"

Curiously while the UK version has Tilly pictured as you would expect by the sea, the original version has a cover placing her in a field with a horse munching behind her - and seems to translate as "Here On The Island", although it does retain the tweeting bird and is equally as stirring.

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