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  • Chris Farlie

The Six One Five Collective - Good Vibes / Fix You

With the UK temperature having generally headed North of 30 degrees last weekend - it is time to break out the "Good Vibes" with the Six One Five Collective. combining the talents of Michael Logen, Nicole Witt & Sarah Darling. This song combines all of their writing talents and those of singer songwriter Jamie Floyd to make to make a tune that just oozes summer happiness out of every pore.

It's uptempo, bright and breezy and from the opening lines delivered by Sarah Darling

"It just hit me - this beautiful mistake

Not going to miss me - as long as I keep

Keep my heart open

Roll back the ocean

Don't, don't overthink it"

you get hooked into her dreamy summery world.

Sarah could probably sing the latest T&C's from Apple and make them sound divine - she certainly imbues this track with a certain sultriness that is irresistible.

The chorus does all that is requested of it from the title.

"When it feel right it just feels right

It just feel like freedom feels like sunshine

on the inside you can be so high

Feels like freedom feels like

Nothing but Good Vibes"

Just play loud and let the "Good Vibes" in!

Good Vibes comes with a suitably cheesy good time video

The Collective seem to be a successful blend of originals and covers some more likely than others.

It is Sarah Darling who is on lead vocal duties again for the Collectives take on the Coldplay tune.

The Collective have chosen to accentuate the harmonies within the song and wisely avoided the move to bombast that makes the original a little too overblown.

The chorus with the harmonies playing out over a mandolin are simply wonderful. There is a rise in volume as the song develops but it never threatens to overpower the vocals of the Six One Five Collective.

Whether original or cover you are pretty safe in the hands of the Six One Five Collective!!

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