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  • Chris Farlie

The Rising - Highway To The Lost & Found

Continuing with their campaign of dropping a single every 6 or so weeks, are The Rising, They've been through a few incarnations now and seem happy to lay their respective Americana hats wherever the mood takes them, normally somewhere that allows Chris Logan a chance to throw in a guitar solo and Cnantelle McAteer the option to power out a vocal.

Their latest effort initially finds them sound parked somewhere between Dr Feelgood and Status Quo, beginning with some "Down Down Deeper & Down" style riffing before Chantelle kicks in with the first verse. It is an undoubted rocker and later things speed up even more with a pure rock and roll chorus. Already going down a storm live apparently, it is easy to see why, with that chorus seeming so familiar you'll convince yourself this is a cover of one of your old favourites yet you can't quite pin it down.

Whether anyone will initially be able discern the subtext in the lyrics on the disposability of music while acknowledging it's ability to be addictive and inspirational is open to debate, but that can always be discovered later. With Chris and Chantelle playing all the instruments bar the drums this is undoubtedly one of their best yet.

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Released across all digital platforms on3rd September 2021

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