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  • Chris Farlie

The Outlaw Orchestra - Outlaw This Christmas

Tis the season for the Xmas singles to begin and it has to be said there is nothing quite like The Outlaw Orchestra singing you a seasonal greeting. If you thought they had fun recording their recent excellent covers EP then heaven knows what the studio was like when this was recorded.

It's silly it's outrageous, it's over the top however it is undeniably great fun at the same and musically it is really good, With searing rocking guitars, banjo and prominent bells it ticks many of the Christmas single requirements even finding time to add a bit of social commentary

"I sent all my cards don't know if they'll arrive

God knows if the postage is right" - Who does?

It undoubtedly the most rawkus Christmas single you'll hear this year and it come with cracking video - so enjoy!!!

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