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  • Chris Farlie

The HawtThorns - Let's Get Together

The HawtThorns ( and yes that is the correct spelling ) are the brainchild of Johnny and KP Hawthorn and "Let's Get Together" is the opening salvo from their soon to be released second album "Tarot Cards & Shooting Stars".

It is a glorious blend, initially opening with a smooth Southern soul style before evolving up into more of a Gospel number as a multitude voices join in.and is a definite glass half full record, as it passes on its message of optimism, providing light at the end of the tunnel.

"Let's get together - our days won't last forever

Thinking of high times, the ones we won't forget

Fates in the pocket -and not a thing's gonna stop it

We're over the bad tmes - look back with no regret

Best tears we've ever spent"

The opening verse takes very much a pragmatic view of things as KP outlines her position on life - her voice silky smooth and the listener will have to decide if she's reflecting on personal matters or more global affairs or whether her outlook would be the same whatever

"I don't mind - a little rain it needs to fall sometimes

I don't feel like digging up the past today, it's such a waste

I don't need to see the future - because I know what's happening

It's just tomorrow - it's gonna happen anyway"

It's an admirable way of thinking - to have such a positive outlook on the future

"Better things are coming"

It's an anthem for modern times, and a joyous one at that to lead us forward into the light.

The album from which this comes "Tarot Cards & Shooting Stars" is available 25th Feb 2022

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