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  • Chris Farlie

Texas Hill - Easy On The Eyes

Adam Wakefield, Casey James and Craig Wayne Boyd. collectively known as Texas Hill, remain one of the few things that have made 2020 enjoyable. This is their third single, and with each release they just get better and better, not fazed at all by the weight of expectation.

"Easy On The Eyes" is a magnificently soulful piece of country, that is eminently likeable from that opening couple of bars of drum intro, though the delicious organ backing and the guitar sound that is so smooth it could easily fit on a Commodores record! Once again the sound is uncluttered, there are no fake click noises or pointless electronica, just straight honest playing and it provides such a warm feeling to the overall sound that simply welcomes the listener in.

As if all that were not enough we have some super elegant vocals with a chorus that encapsulates the power of this band when they all sing as one. Lyrically the song is relatively simple, wearing its heart on its sleeve at all times, detailing an encounter with a free wheeling spirit who is "living for today".

With a chorus as seductive as the lady herself, the song is actually built on the slightest of ideas and yet in the hands of these gents it seems to become something else, tapping into a feeling that many of us have felt at one time or another.

"She's easy on the eye but hard on a heart, that girl stole mine away and then she tore it apart

I thought I knew better than to fall for her ways but when I wasn't looking I got caught in her gaze"

With more new songs coming on an EP due on 25/09 - who knows what Texas Hill will magic up next?

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