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  • Chris Farlie

Steady Habits - I'd Rather Be Alone

Here at #TEAMw21 we were always big supporters of a band called Loud Mountains fronted by brothers Sean and Kevin Duggan. They had a lovely blend between the best bits of UK and US Americana and deserved much greater success than they achieved.

They have now gone their separate ways however Sean Duggan now fronts a new band Steady Habits amd much of that Loud Mountians sensibiity seems to have moved with him The latest single "I'd Rather Be Alone" has a lot of UK influence running through it - almost like a blusier Bluetones matched with a US American troubadour style lead vocal - it makes for a heady cocktail that is hard to resist.

Soundwise there is a fabulous organ sound running through the trac, a joyful uptempo bluesy guitar and punchy percussion that make this an absolute delight.

It is described as a song for the introverted and the socially-fatigued. The lyrics long for a little piece and quiet against a lively backdrop of players.

The opening verse finds Sean struggling to find the enthusiasm to go out

"Honey hold on a moment - no I don't wanna fight

Wipe that chip off your shoulder - I don't feel myself tonight"

While the second finds him "anxious and tired" where the answer is not the 5 O'Clock Happy Hour.

With a great guitar solo played out over that sumptuous organ sound there is something for everyone here.

The band take the song to something of a climax slowing down the tempo of the song yet upping the volume before fading, letting Sean get his way finishing with just him and his acoustic guitar.

"Now I'm not looking for answers - I'm not asking for help

Every once in a while I need to find some way to fix this by myself

So haul me right back on the shelf - some times I'd rather be alone!

With hopefully more to follow this could well be one Steady Habit that we won't want to break.

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