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  • Chris Farlie

SJ Mortimer - Hear Me Lover

Side projects always present a bit of an issue for a fan of a band, while not wanting to discourage it, you equally don't want it to do too well in case it affects the overall status of the original band. Throughout the years members of the Rolling Stones, Queen or Duran Duran to name but a few have all branched out with solo records however few truly take off.

Latest to join the club is SJ Mortimer renowned vocalist for surely the greatest live band in the UK at the moment - the mighty Morganway. In truth "Hear Me Lover" probably falls a little outside our usual remit but it certainly demands a mention, in fact it is an intriguing little tune that is hard to pigeonhole it's a little bit poppy but musically it is far too clever to give it such a trite tag, there is too much attention to detail paid in how the backing vocals are recorded for one thing.

Initially it opens to an electronic drum beat, some keys and lightly played electric guitar, it all makes for a hypnotic rhythmic backing which SJ soon joins.

The chorus is layers of vocals as the tune explodes and uplifts and sees SJ raise the temperature a little suggesting

"Come a little bit closer"

That mood follows through into the second verse

"Dancing round the living room in our bare feet

Feeling every moment with skin on me"

The bridge section when it arrives sees SJ's vocals take on a hint of Grace Jones circa "Slave To The Rhythm" meeting Siouxsie Sioux part growl, part detached. Those expecting the full on Morganway effect will have to wait for the closing vocals, slightly further back in the mix but unmistakably the sound we've come to know and love.

it proves itself to be totally infectious, each play revaling a little something you didn't hear the time before.

Here's hoping it provides SJ with a timely diversion and that it does well - just don't do too well!!!

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