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  • Chris Farlie

Six One Five Collective - Blinding Lights

So yes this is a cover of The Weeknd's mega hit "Blinding Lights" given an Americana reworking by the Six One Five Collective. The band consist of 2 firm #TEAMw21 favourites in the shape of Sarah Darling and Michael Logen who are joined by Nicole Witt and Jamie Floyd to form the Collective.

The original for all its success is a little bit too synthy and emotion free in terms of performance which is certainly something that cannot be levelled at this version, from the opening moments when the harmonies just kick in and grab the listener.

For the familar keyboard riff inagine a super warm violin riff and when Sarah Darling kicks in with the dreamy vocals for the opening verse the lyrics take on a whole new dimension

"I've been on my own for long enough

Maybe you can show me how to love, maybe

I'm going through withdrawals

You don't even have to do too much

You can turn me on with just a touch, baby"

The chorus is a perfect blend of voices backed by the sweetest of organ sounds that truly tops if off. Vocal duties for verse 2 would seem to fall to Jamie Floyd who has a slighly different sultry sound but is undoubtedly equally effective.

Michael gets to add some vocals to the bridge which again takes the song in a completely new direction.

A sheer delight from start to finish Play Loud, Play Often and Enjoy!!!

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