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  • Chris Farlie

Shantell Ogden - Dream Chasers

Following a similar no fuss attitude that made her last single "She Loves Horses" such a success, is Shantell Ogden with her new offering "Dream Chasers". It's a tribute to every person who is willing to take a risk putting everything on the line for the ultimate prize.

"It’s telling fear to take a back seat

And leaving what if in the dust…

It’s hands shaking on the wheel

But hoping you’re enough

It’s diving head first off a ledge

Before the net shows up"

The verses acknowledge that the road ahead will not be easy and that there will be a number of knock backs but if it was going to be easy it wouldn't be such a dream in the first place.

"It’s showing up and working for a yes

But hearing no a thousand times

It’s the so close you can taste it

Then it’s gone before your eyes

It’s every little win that keeps you goin’

Feeds the fire deep inside"

Most of the time the song is upbeat and optimistic, daring the listener to push themselves forward. As we mentioned at the start the key to the production is simplicity, there are 2 or 3 acoustic guitars and it may even be a cajon rather than a drum providing the percussion on the track. Shantell's vocal on the verses is all but spoken like someone passing down their words of wisdom. It is on the chorus where her vocals are echoed by a male voice in the background that she returns to a more traditional singing style.

There are 2 lines that seem to have been drawn from bitter personal experience, and you can't help but feel that Shantell is exorcising some personal feelings and settling some scores here as she all but stops playing to emphasise the second line as if she has someone in mind!

"The world’s is full of critics who will tell you why you’re wrong

But nobody’s singin’ their song"

The essence of the song is tied up in the celebratory chorus and it's encouragement to keep going.

"Here’s to the dream chasers

Diggin deep, givin all

No guarantee that you’ll succeed

But you aren’t afraid to fall"

With a UK tour to follow later in the year in September it will be good to see Shantell once again on UK shores.

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