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  • Chris Farlie

Savannah Jaine - Chapel On The Hill

Something of an oddity arrived at #TEAMw21 HQ in the shape of the new single from Savannah Jaine. With a back story of "coming off of an Artist Residency in Abu Dhabi and Ibiza, Spain, we were playing country music on contract in Texas when Covid hit and sent us packing" it was obviously going to be worth a listen.

It seems like just about every possible idea has been poured into the 3 and 1/2 minutes of its duration and in fairness most of them come off even the flamenco style country guitar solo in the middle of the song.

There's energy, there's pace, there's attitude and a whole lot more going on. The biggest drawback in the single is the guitar riff in the opening 90 seconds that is really repeated too many times and as it is the only instrumentation apart from some great power drumming it is really noticeable. However, halfway through the single it is abandoned and things are sonically much more interesting as we come out the guitar solo with the arrival of an organ sound and some nice trickery done with the vocals which veer between country , pop, and Winehouse style jazz at different points in the song.

With the promise of a song a month for the next year Savannah Jaine may be a name we'll be hearing a lot more of and a quick scan of her back catalogue suggests that she certainly has the ammunition and talent to do it, just listen to the soulful bluesy pop of the epic 6 minute "Twist The Knife" or the pop groove of "That'd Be You" or the sheer simplicity of the eponymous debut EP and you'll find someone with a high success rate of delivering quality material.

Chapel On The Hill is available to pre order and is released on August 7th

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